The Senate of the University of Bihać is the highest academic body of the University. Senate is chaired by the Rector of the University, and it consists of 24 members – representatives of faculties, management and students. The structure of the Senate is defined by the Statute of the University of Bihać as follows: rector, three vice-rectors, seven deans, seven professors (representatives of faculties), one representative of teaching assistants, one representative of senior teaching assistants, and four students (representatives of all three cycles of study).

The Senate makes decisions on all academic issues regarding the areas of teaching, science, art and expertise; as well as on issues of: making amendments to the Statute; ethical issues; issues concerning teaching, human resources, development of the University in all areas; and numerous other academic issues involving students and staff.

Current members of the Senate:

  1. Associate Professor Fadil Islamović, president
  2. Associate Professor Jasmina Ibrahimpašić, member
  3. Associate Professor Amela Čolić, member
  4. Associate Professor Husein Vilić, member
  5. Associate Professor Mirela Kljajić-Dervić, member
  6. Assistant Professor Hajrudin Hodžić, member
  7. Associate Professor Vildana Pečenković, member
  8. Full Professor Suad Hamzabegović, member
  9. Associate Professor Atif Hodžić, member
  10. Associate Professor Ekrem Pehlić, member
  11. Assistant Professor Emir Mujić, member
  12. Assistant Professor Kenan Mahmutović, member
  13. Full Professor Fuad Sedić, member
  14. Assistant Professor Jasmin Hošić, member
  15. Assistant Professor Nikola Findrik, member
  16. Assistant Professor Bahrudin Hrnjica, member
  17. Associate Professor Jasmin Toromanović, member
  18. Gorana Dedić, MA, assistant representative
  19. Muhamed Kozlica, student representative for the first cycle