The Alumni Association of the University of Bihać is a voluntary association open to individuals who have completed Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate degree at the University of Bihać and who, through their membership, want to remain in contact with the institution at which they have spent a significant part of their professional life. Regular membership is open to every graduate who has completed the 1st, 2nd or 3rd cycle of studies at the University of Bihać. Honorary and associate memberships are open to all individuals who have contributed to increasing the reputation of the University of Bihać, promoting the goals and tasks of the University and Alumni Association, and who, through their actions, are ready to support the work of the Alumni Association.

Goals of the Alumni Association of the University of Bihać:

  • Linking all generations of students of the University of Bihać to establish a lifelong relationship;
  • Developing and formalising the current cooperation with the graduates of the University; 
  • Systematically collecting experiences and recommendations of former students with the aim to improve the quality of studies and workings of the University as a whole; 
  • Establishing lifelong relationships between former students who are presently professionals, students, and teacher, between academic and wider community;  
  • Linking the economy to the University of Bihać;
  • Spreading the awareness of the alumni idea and culture as a form of socially responsible behaviour; 
  • Increasing the reputation of and promoting the University of Bihać; 
  • Increasing the sense of belonging and loyalty of alumni to the University of Bihać;
  • Strengthening the links between the Alma Mater and generations of former and present students as well as their friends both at home and abroad;
  • Protecting the common interests of the University in Bihać and the alumni.

You can become the member of the Alumni Association of the University of Bihać by completing our online application form (available at the following link) and sending it to In this way, the data about applicants get entered into the database, after which you will receive the notification about the membership via email.

Contact details:
Minela Žapčević, Alumni President
Phone: +38737316703