Islamic Pedagogical Faculty



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Islamic Pedagogical Faculty, University of Bihać, was founded on 23 December 1995 with a mission to educate staff to teach the subject of Islamic religious education in primary and secondary schools. The Faculty has two departments: Islamic Education, and Social Pedagogy and Spiritual Care. In both departments, the first and second cycle of studies are conducted. The faculty is equipped with modern tools and teaching aids, such as a phono-laboratory for learning foreign languages or a computer room with thirty workstations. 
Islamic Pedagogical Faculty has excellent cooperation with the Islamic University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Catholic Academy in Graz (Austria), as well as other similar institutions in Turkey. Students of IPF are regularly included in student exchanges with universities in Portugal, Spain and Poland. 

Islamic Pedagogical Faculty encourages its students to be social engaged and active outside the institution. The link for these activities is the Student Association of the Islamic Pedagogical Faculty in Bihać.

The Faculty is covered with wireless internet (wi-fi), it has a library with a huge number of units in Bosnian, Arabic, English and German. Student Dormitory i san integral part of the Faculty as well as a restaurant intended for dormitory users.