University of Bihać engaged with ”people on the move”

01.03.2019 - 15:15


In the midst of the so-called migrant crisis that hit the Una-Sana Canton and the city of Bihać, Department of Bosnian Language and Literature, Faculty of Education, University of Bihać since the fall of 2018, has implemented the third Bosnian language course for children as the most vulnerable category. In cooperation with domestic and international organisations such as the Open Society Fund of Bosnia and Herzegovina and UNICEF, teachers at the Faculty of Education conducted classes in a temporary camp in Sedra with children and minors. Believing that children have the right to education, happy childhood and joy, the participants in this project pointed out the social responsibility of our teachers and the profiling of the University of Bihac as a responsible, engaged and inclusive institution that strives for affirmation of openness, equality and pluralism. 

The University of Bihać is putting its professional capacities to the local community in order to mitigate the consequences of the crisis, but also in order to bridge the intercultural gap between “people on the move” and the local population.