Fulbright Fellow of Florida Gulf Coast University Megan McShane

11.10.2019 - 12:00


Art historian Prof. Dr. Megan McShane has been staying at the Textile Department of the Technical Faculty of the University of Bihać since October 2019. Her stay including lectures and research takes place as part of the Fulbright Scholarship awarded by the Government of the United States of America for outstanding academic results and achievements. Dr. Megan McShane teaches art history at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Prof. McShane chose the Textile Department in Bihać as a specific place where, in the prism of multidisciplinary, a critical awareness of the local industrial past and the opportunities that arise from it is nurtured. Her project is called “Art and Ecology. Material Culture of Beekeeping in Contemporary Garden Urban Communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina” is an excellent example of interdisciplinary research that follows contemporary global trends and artistic practices as sets of engagement actions with the wider community – in its case with students, artists, designers, local community, urban gardeners and other groups striving for sustainability.

Cooperation with Prof. Dr. Megan McShane is the result of the University of Bihać study programs international visibility – in this case the Textile Department, and was realised with the understanding and support of the Office for International Cooperation of the University of Bihać and the head of the Textile Department Assistant Professor Dejla Ramić, MA. Her arrival at the Textile Department is the result of several months’ long cooperation with Dr. Irfan Hošić, also an art historian and teacher at the Textile Department.