Bachelor's Degree in English language and literature


Content and Qualifications
Our BA English Language and Literature degree is organised as a four-year programme which aims to prepare student for educational practices necessary for teaching English in the nine-year primary and secondary education. In addition to this primary activity, during the course of the programme, participants will study linguistics and the history of the English language, interpret literary texts of the English speaking areas, widen the knowledge of the Anglophone cultures and history with a particular emphasis on the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as well as the United States of America. Moreover, the students will work on texts covering contemporary topics in order to improve all four language skills as well as the skills of written and oral translation. The Department of English language and literature offers the most modern scientific methods and activities needed for the realisation of the educational processes. Its curricula and syllabi are compatible with the Bologna Declaration and the ECTS credit system, which enables the students' mobility during the programme, but also the equivalence of the degree abroad afterwards. The graduates of this study programme, apart from being qualified to work in primary and secondary schools as teachers of English language and literature, will be enabled for providing language services in various media, cultural, touristic and international organisations.

Expected Competencies
On successful completion of a four-year programme, the graduates of English language and literature will be able to apply acquired theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in various fields. The students will master the principal theoretical propositions concerning educational work, will be able to teach independently in a foreign language as well as capable of further professional development. Besides, the students will be able to study grammatical structures, understand written and spoken discourse in the English language, give critical reviews and interpretations of literary texts from various periods, use professional resources and finally, master the basics of translation and interpretation from and to the English language.

Contact details
Address: Pedagogical Faculty UNBI, Luke Marjanovića bb (Žegar), 77000 Bihać
Head of Department: Associate Professor Edin Dupanović, PhD
Phone: 037229850