Bachelor of Textile Engineering, Department of Clothing Technology

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Content and Qualifications
Clothing technology course studies the industrial manufacturing of clothing (men’s, woman’s and children’s). Based on the design of a garment, the task of the clothing technology is to construct the garment, to determine the means for industrial production, to define technological production setup, as well as the storage and distribution to the end-user. The focus of the study is the application of automation and robotics in the clothing production. During the study, students develop competence which will enable them to prepare, in a very short time, the production process and adjust the production lines, machines, equipment and manpower to sudden and rapid changes. Trained personnel are ready to meet the challenges of the production in modernly equipped factories of the contemporary world, possessing extremely well technical preparation and knowledge of production processes.

Expected Competencies
Graduate students of clothing technology at the Textile department have basic knowledge and skills for understanding of textile and clothing production processes. They can independently prepare and produce certain garments according to the requirements of the customer and the demand of the market for certain clothing items, and to present the same products in a complex market environment.

Contact details
Address: Faculty for Technical Engineering UNBI, Irfana Ljubijankića bb, 77000 Bihać
Head of Department: Dejla Ramić, MS
Phone: 037226273
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