Bachelor of Agriculture


- General Study Programme
- Study Programme of Organic Agriculture
- Study Programme of Livestock Farming
- Study Programme of Fruit Growing and Viticulture
- Study Programme of Crop Production with Vegetable Growing

Content and Qualifications
The Department of Agriculture offers a multidisciplinary study program that provides knowledge in the areas of general education, theoretical-methodological, scientific and professional-applied issues, and special attention was paid to the selection of scientific-professional and professional-applied subjects. All the courses of the Department of Agriculture provide students with modern scientific and professional achievements in the field of the given discipline. Students are trained to be able to actively and efficiently follow all recent achievements in the field of plant and animal production. By applying them in practice, students are trained to further develop and improve the efficiency of agricultural production. The emphasis of this department is placed on the fact that graduate students are able: to independently apply and develop new technologies in intensive agricultural production with the production of hygienically safe agricultural products of hgh quality; to be ready for teamwork; and to be able, with the acquired knowledge, to influence the expansion of efficient and economically sustainable agricultural production while preserving the environment.

Expected Competencies
After successful completion of the study of Agriculture, graduates will be able to effectively engage in intensive agricultural production, to raise the quality of agricultural production while preserving the environment. They are able to professionally apply modern and efficient technologies of intensive agricultural production (plant and animal production); to produce quality and health-safe agricultural products (of animal and plant origin); to plan and practically organize sustainable plant and animal production, and to actively and efficiently monitor all modern technological achievements in the field of agriculture and their application in practice.

Contact details
Address: Biotechnical faculty UNBI, Luke Marjanovića bb (Žegar), 77000 Bihać
Head of department: MA Subha Avdić
Phone: 037228059