Bachelor in Pre-School Education

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Content and Qualifications
The study for a bachelor of pre-school education at the Pedagogical faculty is organized as a four-year program divided into 8 semesters (240 ECTS). The main aim of this study programme is to enable students to successfully implement educational work in preschool education while applying advanced knowledge, abilities, and skills. One of the important goals is to train students for independent lifelong learning and professional development according to new achievements in the field of educational work. The study program of the Department of Preschool Education offers a larger number of elective courses, which enable students to acquire knowledge and improve in areas of their interest and for which they have an affinity.

Expected Competencies
Upon completing a four-year programme, students are able to plan and implement a programme of preschool education, both independently and as a team, while taking into account the developmental characteristics of children. Also, students are educated to know how to choose and apply activities to reassure the educational needs of children through the implementation of special and alternative programmes, taking into consideration all pedagogical and methodological achievements. By creating a safe and stimulating environment for development, learning, and playing of children, future professionals strive to create an inclusive environment while respecting the rights of preschool children and their families, as well as cultural, social, and emotional needs of children.

Contact details
Address: Pedagogical Faculty UNBI, Luke Marjanovića bb (Žegar), 77000 Bihać
Head of department: Jasmin Hošić, PhD
Phone: 037229850