Bachelor in Food Technology


Content and Qualifications
The structure and content of the study program Food Technology are based on contemporary scientific and professional knowledge and experiences in the field of food and beverage production, as well as the highest standards of modern higher education. The study program includes carefully selected courses from general, theoretical-methodological, scientific, and professional fields. Bachelors of food technology acquire sufficient general and professional knowledge in basic natural sciences, also in the field of chemistry and biochemistry of food, food technology engineering, food science and nutrition, which allows them to work in the areas dealing with issues related to food production and food quality control, as well as to continue their education in the 2nd cycle of studies.

Expected Competencies
Upon completion of the study program, Bachelors of Food Technology are competent to solve real-life practical problems in the field of food technology, through the implementation of knowledge and skills from basic, applied and engineering scientific disciplines in the field of food technology. They are trained to lead and improve the technological processes of food production and processing, to work in physicochemical, microbiological and control laboratories. They know the principles of food quality assurance and the application of legal regulations in all segments of the food quality assurance and health safety assurance.

Contact details
Address: Biotechnical Faculty UNBI, Luke Marjanovića bb, 77000 Bihać
Head of Department: Mejra Bektašević, PhD
Phone: 037228059