Bachelor of Textile Engineering, Specialized in Design

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Content and Qualifications
The study of design, at the Textile Department, is organized as a multidisciplinary study program based on three sources: textile and clothing technology, art and design, and the theory of art and design. Since it is articulated as an academic engineering programme, the students are offered three-dimensional education which covers deliberating textile and clothing not only as a technological and ready-to-wear product, but also as an object with an additional value – aesthetic and symbolic form in a broader social environment. The students are building their capability to understand the complex implications of textile and clothing as a part of the global economic and cultural context of today’s world. The focus is: on the textile and clothing technological processes which implicate the knowledge and skills connected to industrial organization and production; on guiding principles of contemporary design without which a product loses its competitiveness; and on critical protocols of independent, autonomous deliberation about contemporary artistic and designer production.

Expected Competencies
Graduates of Design, Textile Department, possess primary knowledge and skills for understanding the processes of manufacturing textiles and clothing. They are capable of: independently performing a designing process of conceiving the ideas according to the requests of the clients and the market; planning and organizing their production; implementing the presentation of the product in complex market conditions; and articulating product’s critical position in the market, economical, and social conditions of the contemporary global world.

Contact details
Address: Tehnički fakultet UNBI, Irfana Ljubijankića bb, 77000 Bihać
Head of Department: Dejla Ramić, MS
Phone: 037226273
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