Bachelor of Social Pedagogy and Spiritual Care


Content and Qualifications
The study programme of social pedagogy and spiritual care includes courses from the domains of pedagogy, psychology, social work, theology, medicine, special education, and penology. The study programme of social pedagogy prepares graduates for research and practical work in primary prevention, detection, diagnosing, early intervention and treatment, processing and subsequent care for children, adolescents and adults with risks for disorder or with disorder in behaviour, in the function of upbringing, socialization, rehabilitation, and social integration. The study program is also enriched with the component of spiritual care that is concentrated on the spiritual upbringing of individuals with a view of helping them in facing life difficulties in different stages of life. Besides, the spiritual component helps future social pedagogues and spiritual care workers in their own in the process of their empowerment and facing difficulties in the workplace.

Expected Competencies
Based on the competencies the graduates acquire during the study, social pedagogues can find employment in the following institutions: social work centres, mental health centres, nursing homes, penitentiaries, addiction treatments institutions, foster homes, in institutions that provide care and assistance to persons in need of physical and mental help, in working with marginal social groups, NGOs, and other institutions. 

Contact details
Address: Islamski pedagoški fakultet UNBI, Žegarska aleja bb, 77000 Bihać
Head of department: Associate Professor Nusreta Kepeš, PhD
Phone: 037220162