Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports

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Content and Qualifications 
The Department of Physical Education and Sports is organized in a way which covers four areas. It is meant for: educating teachers in the area of physical and health education in pre-school, primary school, high school, and faculty programs; for helping and supporting professional development of experts in the field of amateur and professional sport; for educating managers in the area of sports and sport organizations; and for organizing sports recreation in tourism and other branches of economy. The students gain knowledge in the area of the anthropological features of all age groups within society from children in preschool institutions to elderly population. Special attention is given to the acquisition of knowledge on how to enhance health of every category of society especially from the aspect of motor inactivity which is caused by the modern lifestyle and influence of contemporary informational technologies on the daily life of the society. The students also receive the skills of preparing and implementing programmes for improving health capacities through movement, motion, and different varieties of physical exercising. This implies mandatory institutional education, recreational, amateur, and professional development of capabilities and skills in sports clubs and associations.

Expected Competencies
After finishing their education at the Department of Physical Education and Sports, candidates will possess knowledge in the area of development of anthropological features as well as the knowledge on preparing programmes for the improvement of health capacity through physical exercising and motion with special attention to developing functional and motor capabilities. The students will also be able to use teaching aids and tools in the realization of physical exercising programmes and to apply optimum loads in order to improve the health of all age categories in compliance with the biotic needs of the consumers. They will be able to use social skills for resolving problems, confrontation with competitors and changes within human relations and also, for all advantages which physical and health education provides in using biological, health, economic, cultural, and pedagogical values.

Contact details
Address: Pedagoški fakultet UNBI, Luke Marjanovića bb (Žegar), 77000 Bihać
Head of Department: Natalija Kurtović, PhD
Phone: 037229875