Bachelor of German Language and Literature


Content and Qualifications
The bachelor’s programme of German Language and Literature is oriented towards teaching and it prepares students for teaching the German language in primary and secondary schools. Besides this primary activity for which students are educated, during the studies, they obtain fundamental skills for working on oral and written translations, thus opening for themselves a possibility to work as translator for German language. In field of literature, students gain knowledge about the literature of German speaking areas, about analysing literary works and writing book reports, critical reviews and essays. Thy are prepared for selection, preparation and application of literary texts in the German language classes in primary and secondary schools. They are also prepared to continue their education through Master studies. As the programme is harmonized with equivalent programmes in the EU countries, it enables graduates to follow European processes which require more efficient involvement in market flows. The study programme is established as the first cyclestudy lasting 4 years with total number of 240 ECTS points.

Expected Competencies
After finishing the study of German Language and Literature, graduate will obtain practical knowledge, abilities and skills needed for the teacher of the German language. They will also be qualified to plan, organise and deliver teaching lesson of the German language independently, to use the German language properly, to interpret and do linguistic analysis of texts on different linguistic levels, to write and translate all kinds of texts on their own and to use literature relevant for the profession.

Contact details
Address: Pedagoški fakultet UNBI, Luke Marjanovića bb, 77000 Bihać
Head of Department: Gorana Dedić
Phone: 037229850