Bachelor of Forestry


Content and Qualifications
The field of forestry is the science and ability to manage and preserve forest ecosystems for the lasting well-being of society as a whole and the community. The first cycle of forestry studies at the Biotechnical faculty (UNBI) enables students for managing the forest ecosystems from the bioecological and economical aspect. The study programme is based on fundamental knowledge from the field of forestry with focus on preparing students for work in all types of forestry organizations and forestry entrepreneurship, through practical and professional practice. Students acquire the knowledge and skills needed for solving complicated tasks in forestry and for coping with constant changes, innovations, and insights. The study program is designed in a way that by following the logical sequence, it leads students from fundamental biological and technical disciplines, over disciplines in which the students are acquainted with components of forest ecosystems and techniques that enable forest management, to those in which the students round up the knowledge about managing forests and forest terrains. Completion of studies is crowned by independent preparation of the final thesis which is a condition for completion of studies.

Expected Competencies
Graduates of the Forestry Department have the knowledge and skills to identify tree species based on morphological features, as well as to implement both theoretical and practical knowledge about economic species of trees and shrubs. Students are enabled to detect, identify, and specify the most important species of insect pests and fungi, and also to determine tree defects caused by their actions. At the same time, they adopt principles and norms regarding forest protection, forest inventory, as well as carrying out fieldwork on the establishment, care, and renewal of forest stands. Furthermore, they acquire competencies related to land melioration and landscaping forest areas; they cooperate in the development of environmental studies and spatial plans; they implement knowledge of machinery used for performing forest works.

Contact details
Address: Biotehnički fakultet UNBI, Luke Marjanovića bb (Žegar), 77000 Bihać
Head of department: Mirsad Ičanović, PhD
Phone: 037228059