Bachelor of Environment Protection Engineering

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Content and Qualifications
The structure and content of the study programme of Environment Protection Engineering are perceived based on contemporary scientific and professional knowledge from the area of ecology and environment protection. The study program offers knowledge from general subjects like: chemistry, physics, mathematics, microbiology, ecology, thermodynamics; and specialized knowledge in the area of anthropogenic influence on the environment as well as water, air, and soil pollution. The study program of Environment Protection Engineering enables the students: to apply different methods and techniques of scientific research work in resolving various ecological problems; to gain knowledge about the application of contemporary and ecologically acceptable "green" technologies in agriculture, and in environment protection as well as in different branches of industry; and to gain knowledge about monitoring and environment protection legislation. Future education is possible at the second cycle of the study.

Expected Competencies
The Bachelors of Environment Protection Engineering acquire sufficient general and professional knowledge to deal with ecological issues connected to the system of environmental protection. They are capable: to work on collecting, recording and evaluating individual parameters in the environment, forming and updating database about environment media (soil, water, air); to give professional opinions and prepare proposals to reduce or prevent various pollution in the environment; to conduct ecological monitoring; to make and update the cadastre of pollutants; to participate in the actions of rehabilitation and instrumental measuring, to participate in the process of issuing environmental permissions; to participate in making environmental impact studies for specified activities. The students are also qualified to work in scientific institutions (institutes and faculties), in professional services and laboratories for the control of environment media quality.

Contact details
Address: Biotehnički fakultet UNBI, Luke Marjanovića bb, 77000 Bihać
Head of Department: Mejra Bektašević, PhD
Phone: 037228059