Admission procedure

Admission procedure



Applicants generally apply to one or more study programs organised by the University of Bihać twice a year. The first application deadline is at the end of June or beginning of July; and the second application is generally organized at the end of August or the beginning of September. The Faculties of the University of Bihać which require entrance examinations conduct these examination according to the schedule determined and announced by the Faculty. Detailed procedures for taking entrance examinations are announced on the websites and bulletin boards of the Faculties. The preliminary ranking of candidates is made public upon the completion of the examination procedure. The ranking of all accepted candidates is made public no later than two days since the last day of entrance examination, that is, two days after the completion of the public call.

The admission of accepted candidates for the upcoming academic year starts at the end of August.

Since the 2017/2018 academic year candidates can apply to two faculties, i.e. to two study programs at the University of Bihać.

Eligible applicants are all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, foreign nationals and persons without citizenship who have completed an appropriate four-year secondary education programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as candidates who have completed secondary education outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina in accordance with legal stipulations.

When applying for the first year of study, candidates need to submit the following documents:

  1. Duly filled application form;
  2. Original certificates or certified copies for each completed year of a four-year secondary education programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina; or corresponding recognized/verified documents for candidates who have completed their secondary education outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  3. Original diploma or certified copy of a high school diploma;
  4. Birth certificate;
  5. Other documents relevant for the calculation of entry points by criteria.

You can get more information from the individual Student services of each Faculty.