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University of Bihac was established on July 28, 1997. It is a public institution that organizes and implements university studies, scientific and highly professional activities. University nurtures scientific, technical and artistic works. It is one of eight public universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are 3000 to 5000 students studying at the University on regular basis.



University of Bihac Rectorate is located in the city center of Bihac. Its address is Pape Ivana Pavla II 2/II. Faculty of Economy is located at the same building too. Other faculties are spread across the city, except for Faculty of Pedagogy and Faculty of Biotechnical Sciences which are located in Grmec campus outside the city. All the faculties are well comunicated by public transportation system.



University of Bihac is made of seven faculties (organizational units). These are: Faculty of Technical Sciences, Faculty of Pedagogy, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Biotechnical Sciences, Islamic Faculty of Pedagogy, Faculty of Economy and Faculty of Health Studies. More about faculties (organizational units) and related information can be found in the section Faculties.


Rector's message

University of Bihac is a part of European Higher Education Area and as such strives to act according to policies and documents of European Union. Tha main challenge for academic staff and students is to obtain the right response to social, scientific, educational and economic demands. Integration of University, being  a reformation process as such, includes all the actors in higher education.


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Faculty of Biotechnical Sciences
Faculty of Economy
Islamic Faculty of Pedagogy
Faculty of Pedagogy
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Technical Sciences
Faculty of Health Studies


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Amela Colic, associate professor
Vice-Rector for international relations and research
e-mail: rektorat(@unbi.ba)
Tel: +387 (0) 37 222-022

Alma Bosnic, Expert Adviser for International Relations
Mevlana coordinator/Erasmus+ coordinator
e-mail: alma.bosnic(@unbi.ba);alma978b(@yahoo.com)
Tel: +387 (0) 37 222-022; 222-024                                                                                

Dzalila Muharemagic, Senior Project Officer
CEEPUS coordinator
e-mail: dzalila.muharemagic(@unbi.ba)
Tel: +387 (0) 37 222-022; 222-024

Nermina Badic, Expert Adviser for Student Affairs
e-mail: nermina.badic(@unbi.ba)
Tel: +387 (0) 37 222-022; 222-024

In the last three years there has been a significant increase of interest of students and staff of University of Bihać for participation in exchange programmes. As the exchange of staff and students plays an importnat role in international relations of the University, the Office is employing all available means for promotion of this activity among all stakeholders. The main aim is to integrate the Institution in global educational and research processes, as well as to ensure extended activities in improvement of our international reputation. Mobility leads to expansion of cooperation among universities involved in the process, strenghtens the International relations office, improves and simplifies the system of qualificatons recognition and increases the quality assurance mechanisms.
Top three globally recognized positive aspects of internationalisation are:
-    increase of international awareness of students,
-    enhancement of research,
-    development of knowledge and support for international cooperation and tolerance.
University of Bihać has applied as a partner in several international projects aiming at enhacement of international relations. Supposing the projects are granted funds, this will support this segment  within University.

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