University of Bihać Senate adopted an Open access policy to the research infrastructures

16.03.2021 - 14:50


Upon the initiative of office for Research and International Relations, on Friday, January 29, 2021 Senate of the University of Bihać adopted a Policy of Open Access to Research Infrastructures, which primarily regulates the use and access to research infrastructure of the University in accordance with the principles of open science. The draft document Open Access Policy to Research Infrastructures was developed with the support of the Regional Council for Cooperation RCC and EU experts, Lisa Cowey, PhD from Great Britain and Jelena Angelis, PhD from Sweden.

By adopting the Policy, the University has secured membership in the Western Balkans Research Infrastructure Network, which is one of the Office's steps to realize opportunities for cooperation with research institutions in the region and the EU, enable mobility of researchers and participate in EU-funded research and capacity building projects such as H2020. In addition to the Policy, the Office initiated and the Assembly of the Una-Sana Canton adopted an amendment to the Law on Scientific Research of the USC, which refers to the principle of open science.