Research work of Dr. Irfan Hošić as a Fulbright Scholar in Detroit (USA)

31.10.2019 - 16:00


Teacher at the Textile Department in Bihać, Assistant Professor Dr. Irfan Hošić is currently living in Detroit (USA) where he is working on the research project "Post-Industrial Cultural Landscape of Sarajevo. Art and crisis". His research project has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship involving a ten-month stay in that city. Its academic hosts are the College for Creative Studies and Wayne State University.

Dr. Hošić chose Detroit for his research as a place of severe economic upheavals and huge social cuts and changes, whose cultural environment with its specific artistic strategies represents a unique place to compare with the Bosnian case. Although in Sarajevo it is a post-socialist scenario and in Detroit it is a post-capitalist scenario, the two cities cultivate a striking similarity when it comes to the industrial past, demographic breakdown, conflict background and the resulting cultural production.

Dr. Hošić has already visited Detroit several times – in 2013 as a guest lecturer at the Penny W. Stamps School of Arts and Design University of Michigan and the second time in 2015 as a researcher at Screen Arts & Cultures also the University of Michigan.

Research of Dr. Irfan Hošić is connected to his past projects and activities such as Retrography of Design (2015), #InFocus2015 (2015), Image of the Crisis (2015) and Design and Crisis (2017), the latter being soon crowned in a scientific Proceedings edited by Sarajevo Buybook. At the same time, the revitalisation of the Kombiteks Workers' Club (KRAK), where Dr. Hošić has been working in recent years on a project of practical knowledge transfer which draws its inspiration from Detroit.