Greetings from the Rector

Greetings from the Rector



University of Bihać is an accredited higher education institution which has been shaping academic, scientific and educational life of the city lying of the banks of the Una River and the region for nearly 50 years. Being sensitive to social changes, the University has always adapted to social, economic and cultural circumstances, always taking a clear position in its pursuit of answers to some of the essential challenges in its surroundings. Since its inception as a support to the local industries in the 1970s, the University has gone a long way in its strategic development despite the global and local upheavals. Today, at the begging of the third decade of the 21st century, the focus is on the key issues such as ecology, tourism, challenges of global migrations, but also on digitalisation, and challenges of mass deindustrialisation.

Inspired by the slogan Life is Calling, and with more than forty study programmes being taught at seven faculties through all three cycles of studies – bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral; the University of Bihać has become a recognized educational and research institution in this part of the country, and elsewhere. Due to research excellence of its teachers and assistants, international recognition, and active involvement in its surroundings – it is one of the key factors of regional development. Despite all the economic and political challenges; numerous educational, research and student projects are a guarantee of its rapid development.

By enrolling one of the study programmes, students are assuming the role of equal creators of student life, but also the role of engaged individuals capable of shaping our reality through newly acquired knowledge, skills, and values. Being fully appreciative of differences, individualism, creativity and objective critical curiosity – prospective graduates of the University of Bihać are set to become responsible bearers of our society’s future in its every aspect. Interuniversity and international networking, research dynamics in different scientific and professional projects, and ongoing professional development of our teaching staff – these are the essential pillars of educational excellence of Bihać University which aims to create the leaders of tomorrow.

The University of Bihać wants to profile itself as an institution which appreciates intellectual entrepreneurship and a meeting point for different individuals. Having respect for the individual, the University is a place with a heart and soul – a place which nurtures the universal values of openness, originality and social responsibility. In that spirit, we nurture the idea of better future where knowledge becomes inspiration, and different skills become tools for reshaping our society.

Fadil Islamović, PhD
Rector of the University of Bihać