The organization of studies

The organization of studies



Studies at the University in Bihać are organized through the programmes of the first, second and third cycle of studies. All study cycles are organized and realized according to the rules of studying established by the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The first, second and third cycle of studies are organized as scientific, artistic and specialized studies. Study programmes are divided into study years and semesters.

The first cycle of studies at university study programmes for acquiring undergraduate degree lasts for three academic years, i.e. it is valued with 180 ECTS points, or for four academic year which is valued with 240 ECTS points.

The second cycle of studies at university study programmes for aquiring graduate degree lasts one academic year, and therefore is valued with 60 ETCS points.

The third cycle of studies lasts for three academic years, and thus is valued with 180 ETCS points.

Candidates completing all three cycle of studies will gain 480 ETCS points in total.

Details about study programmes of all three cycles are available on the web-page of the University of Bihać.

Foreign students
To apply for admission to the first year of studies, prospective candidate should provide the following documents:

  1. Duly filled application form;
  2. Original certificates or certified copies for each completed year of a four-year secondary education programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina; or corresponding recognized/verified documents for candidates who have completed their secondary education outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  3. Original diploma or certified copy of a high school diploma;
  4. Birth certificate;
  5. Other documents relevant for the calculation of entry points by criteria.

Price per academic year for foreign citizens amounts to 1,200.00 KM. Foreign citizens have the right to enroll second cycle of studies under the same conditions as the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with previously recognized/verified degree and with payment of prescribed tuition fee.