Conferences and Journals

Conferences and Journals



RIM International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering
Development and modernization of production RIM is an international conference organized by the Technical Faculty of University of Bihać. The main goal of the conference is to bring together researchers, experts from the economy and state institutions with the aim of providing a unique platform for the exchange of ideas and latest achievements from thematic areas of the conference: 

  • Research and development of production systems and technologies in mechanical engineering,
  • Research and development of wood-production,
  • Technology and techniques in electrical engineering, electronics, computing and informatics,
  • Development of production in construction,
  • Modern techniques and technology in the textile and clothing industry,
  • High technology of wider application,
  • Legal and economic framework for achieving the European standards,
  • Sustainable development, environmental protection and quality systems.

UIn 2019, the 12th RIM conference was organized by the Technical Faculty of University of Bihać and the Wood Cluster of the Republic of Croatia. RIM 2019 brought together scientists and experts from four continents, and in the three days of the conference, 233 authors and co-authors presented 125 papers. An overview of papers and authors from RIM conferences is available on the web-site.

International scientific and professional conference "5. juni – Svjetski dan zaštite okoliša"
Biotechnical Faculty of University of Bihać is the organizer of the international scientific and professional conference "5. juni – Svjetski dan zaštite okoliša“ which aims to assess the situation and possibilities of making recommendations for desirable economic, social and environmentally sustainable, feasible technological solutions that include protection of soil, water, air and agrobiodiversity. The conference aims to bring together relevant government agencies and eminent experts from the country and the region to present the latest developments in management and offer technological solutions.

The conference is held every two years, and the notice of the event, as well as an overview of the papers are available on the website of the Biotechnical Faculty. Proceedings from 2017 and 2018 are registered in the CAB database, which includes records for more than 8,000 serial publications, books and chapters from books, manuals, conference proceedings and others, in the field of applied biotechnical sciences, including agriculture, forestry, nutrition, veterinary medicine, environmental sciences and related disciplines.

The Conference proceedings from 2018 is available in a pdf-document.

Post Scriptum Journal
Post Scriptum Journal was founded in 2010 with the aim of improving scientific research at the Pedagogical faculty of University of Bihać. Over time, the magazine has become recognizable in the region, now receiving papers from universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. As the original intention of the journal is to cover all study groups at the Pedagogical faculty, it was registered as interdisciplinary, although the practice so far has shown that the journal could be profiled as a journal of humanities and social sciences. After the editorial, the articles in the magazine undergo a double anonymous review. After passing the review, the texts enter the Universal Decimal Classification System (UDC) thus obtaining a unique identification number (depending on the field they deal with). The languages ​​of the journal are the official languages ​​in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian. Articles written in other languages ​​(English and German) are subject to verification by native speakers. The first issue of the journal was published in the winter semester of the academic year 2010/2011. The founder and editor of the journal is Šeherzada Džafić, associate professor at University of Bihać.

The journal is registered in CEEOL (Central and Eastern European Online Library), and indexed in one of the world's most famous databases, EBSCO.

More information about the journal as well as all previous issues are available on the web-site.

Economic Perspectives Journal
Economic Perspectives is a peer-reviewed academic journal founded by the Faculty of Economics of University of Bihać in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics, University of Osijek. The journal includes peer-reviewed papers on the latest research in the fields of economics, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, accounting and other related fields.. 

Detailed information about the magazine is available on the web-stranici.

Conferences and publication of the Textile Department of Faculty for Technical Engineering UNBI
In the last few years, the Textile Department initiated several scientific conferences (Clothing as a Symbol of Identity, 2011; Attention! Clothing, Art, Identity, 2013; Industrial Heritage in Bihać Between Reality and Vision, 2017) which resulted in volumes of publications. At the same time, the discursive character has resulted in publishing ventures such as Clothing as a Symbol of Identity (2012), Attention! Clothing, Art, Identity (2014), #InFocus2015 (2015), Crisis, Art, Action (2016), Retrography of Design (2017), Design and Crisis and Artefacts of a Future Past (2020).

Publications of University of Bihać
List of publications available in pdf-document.