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Technical faculty of University of Bihać was founded on 9 July 1999. However, its tradition is older than that – in the 1970s, it operated as a a study programme within the Polytechnic in Karlovac, later as a part of University of Banja Luka, then of University of Sarajevo until the founding of the University of Bihać. The Faculty is organised into five departments: Wood Processing Engineering, Electrotechnical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Textile Engineering. In all departments, the studies are divided into first (240 ECTS), second (300 ECTS) and third study cycle (480 ECTS). 

The faculty is extremely well equipped with laboratories and modern technological devices which are an integral part of theoretical and practical teaching. Technical faculty possesses well equipped library which numerous titles in Bosnian (Croatian and Serbian), English and German – suitable for research work. Students of all departments of Technical faculty are constantly given opportunities to conduct a part of their studies at one of the similar institutions abroad, in countries such as Germany, Slovenia or Turkey. 

In addition to regular teaching activities, students are motivated to participate in community projects in the places where they live and work. An important facilitator of such activities is the Technical Faculty Students' Association which proved itself to be a proactive and engaged association with a number of successfully implemented projects.