Faculty of Health Studies



Nositelja hrvatskog trolista 4   |   77000 Bihać   |   Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone: 037222532
Web: fzs.unbi.ba   |   Email: fzs@unbi.ba

The Faculty of Health Studies is an organizational unit of the University in Bihać which in 2017 grew out of the previously established School of Health Studies (2006) and Higher Medical School (1998). The faculty educates health workers in the areas of: disease prevention, diagnostics, preservation and improvement of human health, and sanitary engineering – to work on the hygienic-epidemiological and health-ecological areas which are of interest for the whole society. Teaching process is organized through two departments and three study programmes, and those are: Department of Sanitary Engineering with the study programme of the same name, and Department of Nursing with the study programmes: Nursing and Physical Therapy. All study programmes last four years (eight semesters) and the degree acquired upon completion of the programme is the Bachelor of Health in the Field of Sanitary Engineering / Nursing (240 ECTS).

Knowledge acquired through lectures is deepened through practical training at institutions such as: Cantonal Hospital dr. Irfan Ljubijankić, Health Institution Gata Spa, dairy factory Meggle d.o.o, Public Health Institute of Una-Sana Canton, Veterinary Institute of Una-Sana Canton, Agricultural Institute of Una-Sana Canton, Health Centre Bihać, as well as in modernly equipped laboratories of the University of Bihać and practical skills classroom.

The faculty participates in international exchanges through the ERASMUS+ programme which is meant for students, teaching and administrative staff.