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The Biotechnical faculty of the University of Bihać was founded in 1997. Teaching process is conducted through the first and second cycle of studies and it is organized through four departments: Food Technology, Agricultural, Forestry and Environment Protection. Department of Agricultural offers six study programmes six courses (General, Agroecology and Rural Development, Crop Farming and Vegetable Growing, Livestock Breeding, Organic Agriculture, and Fruit growing and Viticulture). Food Technology Department offers two programmes: Food Technology and Nutrition. Biotechnical faculty has an intensive cooperation with local and regional community through counselling and projects promoting agricultural production, proper nutrition, healthy life and environment protection. Biotechnical faculty owns a laboratory which is equipped with sophisticated equipment for teaching through experiments. 
Also, students of Biotechnical faculty have faculty's library at their disposal which in addition to printed references includes access to electronic database, directly or through the National and University Library of B&H in Sarajevo. Students of Biotechnical faculty are involved in student exchange programmes with universities in Turkey, Lithuania, Poland, and Montenegro. 

Faculty is covered with wireless internet (wi-fi).